Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

Okay I do not know how to save the Not Me Monday Icon or where to get it. I googled it and could not find it.

* It was most definitely NOT ME who has drank 3 Dr Pepper's today when I am supposed to be cutting back on sodas.

* It was not me who spent the day doing next to nothing when I should be getting Christmas stuff taken down.

* It is not me who is frustrated with potty training because it is not MY 2 year old who was doing well on the potty, got sick and now will have NOTHING to do with the potty.

* It is not my children who think mommy is a chief cook, cup washer, comedian, entertainer and problem solver all rolled into one. After all they can most assuredly handle disagreements on their own without calling each other twinkle berry heads (they dont know curse words or potty words..LOL).

* It is not me who can't seem to load my son's new computer game toys onto the computer. They are called funkeys and I surely can not be outwitted by a child's plaything.

* It is not me who wishes she could order out instead of cooking tonight cause I ALWAYS love to cook. (although I can't the budget will not allow take out).

* It is not me who gained almost all her recent lost weight back over the holidays because I most assuredly did not sit down and eat 6 Christmas cookies in a row. No that was NOT me.

* It is not me who had the bright idea to sprinkle glitter everywhere Christmas Eve, including on the children while they were sleeping, to make the magic of Christmas "sparkle". And it is NOT ME who is still vacuming up said glitter or STILL finding it in my children's hair despite washing their hair. It is not our house in which the "sparkle" of Christmas is going to be around for months to come. As glitter is not being found in ever crevice. After all who knew said glitter multiplies like bunnies.

* It is not me who is going to get up from here in search of yet another snack...this time on some delectable punch bowl cake I made for Christmas is not me that is addicted to chocolate cake, strawberries, vanilla pudding and whipped cream all made into one utterly almost sinful dessert. NO that is not me that wants to eat that for supper.

* And it is finally, not me who will have spelling errors in this post because she can NOT figure out how to spell vaccum ...vaccuum....vacum....forget isnt me anyway who can't is someone else.


Amy said...


I think we've all got the holiday jet lag!

Thelma said...

yeah tell me about it