Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Amy.....I must need remedial classes in comptuer technology

Ah Dear Amy over at the Monster Wrangler blog. I can not seem to access your blog. I have clicked your name, your blog and even googled for your blog. Alas, I can not get there as it keeps telling me the link is broken. I being not so technical savy do not know how to remedy the situation. You faithfully read my blog and I can not return the favor. Which brings to mind other things I do not know how to do in the land of blog land.

I can NOT make html code for eye popping backgrounds.

I can NOT seem to figure out how to use labels for my posts to attract readers.

I can NOT seem to figure out how to add gadgets appropriately.

I just now learned how to EDIT for spelling errors, which makes my blog more readable.

I just now learned not to write everything in 1 continuous paragraph. (You'd think I'd know that seeing as how English and such was my finest subject in school).

I can NOT get my pictures to post in the order I wish when uploading to blogger. It all pops up random.

So this technical misfit needs "Blogging for Dummies".

Ahh...but the joys found through writing in my blog are there despite my inept abilities with the computer.

At this rate Christopher and Hannah will be much more techno savy then me in just a couple of years, if they aren't already.


Amy said...

I just got it fixed! YAY! It should now work!

If it still doesn't, let me know.

I completely know what you mean about not knowing all the gadget and features. This blogging stuff is SO complicated.

Thelma said...

Thanks.....going to check it out now......

Heather said...

LOL, Thelma. I struggle with tech savvy, too! My kids are definitely MILES ahead of me in technology at the tender ages of 13, 11, 8...and even the three year old, if I'm honest.

Thelma said...

Thanks Heather......I hear ya. My 2 year old is well on her the computer draws her like a bug to the light. And all my children think that all Mommies have "computer time". And want to "help". The only reason the girls dont have more is our computer is a dinosaur and as of late I have been unable to let them play some of their favorite preschool games. But at least I can form a sentence and post it....of course sometimes those sentences don't make sense...but that is dependednt upon my levels of sleep deprivation.....LOL