Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

Ah yes, it is wonderful to have your child home from school. Yet at the same time he does not have the distraction of school and thus he is a bit wild. I asked him do you act like this at school? He looked at me like I had attenae growing out of my head and said "no". So I said why do you act like this at home? His answer: "I dunno". LOL. I have nothing really planned for this week other than the normal. We really can't go anywhere because of having only 1 car. My usually, imaginative brain is sleep deprived and I can't seem to come up with some good ideas to keep them busy. If it is warm tomorrow we will go outside and do chalk drawings or something. I wanted to build a fort in the living room with blankets, pillows, boxes, etc. I told the kids they needed to clean up an activity first, 1 hour later, they are still "cleaning" it up. I used to have such great ideas BEFORE I actually had children. Now that I am sleep deprived and have no energy so the creativity tank is dry, bone dry.

I also have other things I need to get accomplished like spring cleaning and sorting through outgrown clothes, toys and the like. The list seems longer than possible. I have the desire to get it all done but not the energy. One of these days my husband and I will be able to give our kids wonderfully fun spring break, but for will have to be "fun" created from a tired and exhausted mommy brain, not to mention the pocketbook is empty so there is no funds to spend for day trips to anything or anywhere. So I am off to search for some ideas.

If anyone knows the recipe for making goop out of cornstarch let me know, or any other in expensive ideas for the rest of this week. I will also use them this summer, so just because spring breaks gets over, don't hesitate to post ideas to use for fun, cheap entertainment when kids are off school.


Shawna said...

How about a trip to the library... even if it takes a bus ride (kids LOVE that stuff) then you could grab some videos (if they check them out to you for free--one of our libraries does, the other charges... except for some children's DVDs that are quite old.)

Or a simple picnic lunch outside under a tree or at a park for an hour. Or is it still too cold where you are at. I am having summer weather so I often forget the rest of the country is still cold LOL

A board game this evening. D and I are having one board game and a video each Friday evening. The Last Mimzy is a GREAT movie Christopher would LOVE! Maybe you could start a video exchange at the church... members could bring videos to church and store them in a designated place and then all members could check them out and return them each Sunday... opens up the video selection a bit and allows members to clear out their old videos.

I can think of ideas... but I rarely get around to them **sigh**

Thelma said...

I think I will try the picnic is supposed to be nice. oh and we saw the the Last Mimzy and want to get it for our library that is a great movie! Great ideas and thanks!