Thursday, March 20, 2008

Housekeeping Note

From hence forth I am going to be more selective about comments. This does not effect my regular readers. If you are leaving a legitimate comment it will be posted. However, if like this morning I find a comment with a link to sites that have potential to harm my computer are those of my readers your comment will be deleted. To the person that attempted to leave a comment on my page and then it lead to a site that tried to download something to my computer, that was just wrong. You have been deleted and reported. If you were a legitimate reader you would not have linked and run. It is people like you that make blogland hard to navigate at times. To my readers and legitimate visitors, sit back, relax and comment away. God bless you all.


Shawna said...

I have been getting a lot of those as well... and whomever is leaving the comments their English is broken at best!

Thelma said...

yeah it is a pain in the rear....had another today......I just rejected it cause I think it is probably someone who makes a profile, spams and runs before anything can be done......only one thing to do in that case....reject the comments and be done with it.