Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let me tell you about my kids

Disclaimer: This entry is all about my favorite people in the whole world and may go on and on and be aware this may be a long read.

I love my dear, sweet husband. He is the man God gave me and planned for me when time begain. As deep as that love is, I really discovered what love is when I had my kids.

Christopher is our oldest(for those who are new readers). He is 7 and in the 1st grade. He was diagnosed with asthma and severe life threatning allergies at 12 months. Countless times I have held him in my arms not knowing if he would take his next breath. I once heard someone say, it is just asthma, it isn't like he could die or anything. The ignorance of that comment astounds me. We have almost lost my son several times. His life force, the light in his eyes was slowly fading and I was losing my child but God intervened just in time. Christopher is a tiny boy. He is 7 years old and wears a 4 toddler. Yes, you read that right. He is 33 lbs and about 41 inches tall. He may be tiny but his faith is HUGE! He is the first one to say "mommy can I pray for you". He is bright and energetic and full of vigor. He loves to read and is currently reading on a 3rd grade level. He is a whiz at math. That alone thrills me because I had a horrible time with math. I still have to use my fingers to add simple numbers. Christopher is a loving, compassionate little boy. He hurts when others hurt and his soft heart amazes me. One day we were watching a show on television. I think it was Wife Swap or Super Nanny or something. The lady said, "I hate Jesus and everything He stands for" or something to that effect. I think Christopher was six at the time. He burst into tears and said Mommy we gotta pray now, that Mommy needs to love Jesus. Again, one day I heard him sobbing in his room. Gut wrenching sobs that shook me to my core. I ran into his room. And he was leaping into the air, tears streaming down his face, hands raised towards heaven crying out "Jesus, I just want to hear you, I just want to hear your voice". My word, my word I was humbled and awed by the faith of my child. I took him into my arms and said honey He talks to our heart, you can hear Him just listen with your heart. He said "But mommy, my ears want to hear him". I did finally get him settled and the senior pastor of our church came over to pray with him because Christopher was so beside himself that I had called them. Christopher then told me he had been praying to the Lord about being healed from his asthma and allergies and sensory issues. He was tired of being sick and different from other children. I explained that God will and is healing him but it has to be done in God's time. My son's love for God is beyond his years. While he is bright, and smart with school, the thing that makes me the happiest is his faith. I wish I had in my little finger the faith my son has. He astounds me. Who am I that God blessed me with this child? Sometimes, I feel his faith has grown beyond my ability to nurture. As I watch my son grow in faith, I know he may never be big in the physical but he is a GIANT in faith.

Hannah is 4. She is our little princess. She loves sparkles and pretend make up. She loves to dress like a Princess and insists that in the fall when she starts Pre-k it will be a princess school with sparkles. She is very bright as well and learns quickly, sometimes too quickly. She is my timid child, but once she warms up she is a delight to socialize with. She is also compassionate and loving. She adores her brother and her little sister. She worries about them when they are not with her. She loves the Lord too. Her prayers are sweet and filled with innocence. She thinks all people love the Lord and does not yet grasp their is evil in the world. She sees most everything in a positive light. She also tends to be the one who argues with the rules a bit more. She pushes her limits and tests them to see if they stand strong. I don't necessarily see this as a negative but something that needs to be channelled. I think it is okay to push the limits as long as you listen to your authorities and their guidance. At the same time, she is very sensitive to correction and is easily guided if I remember to use patience. She is also petite but more on her growth chart than Christopher. She has an imagination that would fuel Disney World. Seeing the world through her eyes is like a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice. To her the whole world is magical and filled with love rainbows and joy. She exudes joy for the most part, with the occasional pouty day. She is truly sparkly. She lives life with joy and adds joy to mine.

Jennifer, my last little baby is 20 months old. She is very tiny like her brother. She is our comedian. She does thinks to make you laugh and looks at you to see if you will laugh. She gets funny things on shows that I didn't know a child her age could get. She lives life with laughter. She is very nurturing. She is the first one to comfort a sibling who falls or is in time out. If one of the others is time out; she goes and sits with them on the time out bench placing her arm around them and her head on their shoulder. She hugs them and comforts them and pets them. It is beyond adorable. She rocks her babies and sings "wack a baby"(rock a bye baby) as she sways back and forth. She loves to dance and sing. Music is one of her favorite things. Jennifer exudes exuberance and sunshine. She is like the sun breaking out on a cloudy day. She lives life with gusto and is happy playing boy games as well as girl games. She thinks she can do anything and is afraid of nothing. Her daddy is her favorite person in the entire world. Everything and everyone disappears when daddy is home. No one can do it like daddy. She loves books and drawing. Her personality is still unfolding and she surprises me each day. She is a joy as well.

I could go on forever. I love my children. They have taught me more about faith and love than I had learned in all my years before becoming a mother. My children were a dream come true. They are my treasures, a symbol of love between my husband and I. They are gifts from almighty God and I am truly thankful for them.


Shawna said...

They are precious and beautiful!

Thelma said...

thanks so much Shawna