Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 22: 10 Favorite Songs

Picking favorite songs is very hard.  I love music, especially hymns and praise and worship music. So I will pick 10 but let's just say there are so many songs that I love.

  1.  First and foremost is the hymn In The Garden. My Mama sang it to me when I was a baby and the song is about the music as much as the love behind it when she sang it to me. I, in turn, sang it to my own babies.
  2. The hymn, One Day At A Time that my grandmother sang while working around her home. Oh, how I love that song.
  3. The hymn, Oh, How I Love Jesus. All the women in my life who loved me sang this to me. My Mama, My grandmothers, and my Aunt Hester. 
  4. I love the praise and worship song Our God Is An Awesome God by Michael W. Smith. I sang this at every youth service, youth camp, or youth conference I ever went to when I was a teenager. I love this song. It is full of joy and how awesome our God is....
  5. Shake by Mercy Me because it makes my heart and soul want to dance, shout, and sing. click here to watch on you tube:
  6. Oh Holy Night, I love that song, the meaning behind it and the emotion of the true meaning of Christmas hidden in the words.
  7.  Overcomer by Mandisa:  click to see on youtube:
  8. I love the song You Are My Sushine. I have sung it to my kids in my warbly, off tune voice since before they were born. 
  9. God's Not Dead by the Newsboys
  10. Finally the song, my husband sang to me on our wedding day during our wedding:  I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I will be here link