Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 17 My favorite childhood book

Oh, my to pick a favorite is near to impossible. I was an avid reader, read under the blanket with a flashlight kind of girl. Reading was one of my favorite things.  If I had to pick a favorite it was the Bobbsey Twins Series. I love their adventures. I don't know if I read them all, but they were basically the Jack and Annie Series of my growing up years.  There were two sets of twins, an older set, and a younger set. Nan and Bert the older set and the younger two were Flossie and Freddie. These books made the girls and boys equally as able to solve the mystery and go on adventures. Apparently, there were two different series of these books. One series from my childhood and one from 1987-1992. I wish I could find all the books from my era. I would love to read them all from book one. I loved those books. It was like I was on the adventure with them. Today, those books would NOT be politically correct. They had a cook and a handyman who were a black couple. But oh, how I loved Dinah and her husband Sam.  They were loving and fun and funny and were a strong presence in the book. The parents made occasional appearances as mother and dad but really weren't mentioned a lot, that I remember, LOL.

I spent my summers, especially, because we didn' watch much tv, going on adventures with the Bobbsey twins. My sister and I played "Bobbsey twins" and pretended we went on mystery adventures. We would walk our neighborhood and pretend to spy on people, lol. We saw people gardening or whatever and would pretend they were spies seeking to hurt America. Poor Mr. Oswald never knew that at times he was a bad guy and sometimes he was a double agent helping America protect the nation. Mr. Oswald was our next door neighbor. We adored him and his wife.  They just became part of our pretend play.  Oh, the fun we had playing like we were great mystery solves like the Bobbsey twins.