Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Clancy of Queens

I found the story fascinating but hard to follow at times. I enjoy reading about the lives of others, how they view life and how they get through the things they get through.  It was very real and although, for my taste a little too much on language and such, it's real life.  If you want to read about life from a kid caught between two worlds, you will enjoy this. It gives you a glimpse into another time, another place, and another culture. I normally don't read or finish books with foul language but I kept reading this one because of the fact, this was her life as she lived it. If I as a Christian can't understand people simply because they curse or do things I wouldn't do, then I can relate to others as they are.  However, I do think the story can be told without all the colorful adjectives of curse words. I respect authors a little more when they can tell their story without cursing. 

I appreciate being able to be involved with the Blogging for Books program. I love the books that I receive and enjoy authors I have never read before. The fact I receive these books does not and will not influence my review or rating.