Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 23: Pet Peeves

I am a pretty easygoing, laid back person. It generally, takes a lot to get me rattled.  I guess where pet peeves are concerned..................they would have to be............

  1. When people act like they are listening but you can tell they aren't really listening.
  2. When people treat children like they are imbeciles and talk down to them.
  3. When people judge others for parenting over things that are really trivial. I mean we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have at the given moment. Accidents and mistakes happen. It doesn't make a person a bad parent when those things happen.
  4. When people call things abuse that is not really abused. Some things, are just a difference in parenting and not abuse.  I have worked in the child abuse field as a social worker. I have seen what real abuse entails.
  5. When people spill water, or drop ice on the floor and don't clean it up and I find it with my sock.
  6. When the same people, spill sprite or something sticky and just wipe it up without cleaner and either my foot or sock sticks to the floor. CRINGE...LOL
  7. When you are expecting someone at a certain time and they don't call you to tell you plans have changed and they are going to be running later than planned. I don't mind you being late, but if you know, please call and let me know and then I will not worry said person is beside the road in a ditch somewhere.
  8. Pollen...okay not really a pet peeve but my nose from our high pollen counts is driving me nuts.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA cccccchoooooooooo.
  9. The fact men lose weight so much easier than women. I know it is nature, but still. Ugh, I just want to lose as easy as my husband does.
  10. When I forget to do something I promised or have to back out on something I said I would do due to unforeseen circumstances. I get it happens but I  hate when I have it happen.