Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is here..........

Fun time, lazy days, reading, and relaxing, enjoying my kids. I plan on making every day count.  Whether we go to the park or library or have a pajama day; I want them to have the best summer.  The economy says we can't do much, but I can make what we do fun.


I hope to keep a record of our summer here on the blog.

Today we went to the library, attempted to go to the Trail of Tears but there was a fee I wasn't prepared for today. We will do that another day. The people at the Trail of Tears were so nice. The lady said she will take my kids on a hunt for critters and such when we come back.  She will show them all sorts of nature and make it a fun time for no extra charge.  I plan to take her up on it with a camera in tow.

Then we went to the park and had some fun. Although we had to end it a bit early due to disobedience. This lady at the park heard me speaking firmly to my children. I took one of them by the arm. I did not grab her or yell or pull on her. I took her arm and moved her. The woman glared and gave me the evil eye. I thought, what would you do if I were yelling or being mean?  It is sad that we live in a world where if you properly correct your children you are seen as an ogre. That you are expected to let your children explore their feelings regardless of what those feelings happen to be. So they are being sassy or not listening, let them express it. Not in my house. Yes, you have a right to your feelings but you will learn to be obedient and sassiness is never excused even if you are mad.  Anger is normal but there is a right way and a wrong way to express it.  My kids consequence was to leave the park early. They are fine and no one is harmed or scarred. However, they do know, that disobedience and not listening will make you lose out. There are reasons parents want their kids to listen. Sometimes it is about safety. Sometimes is is about needing to make a point or getting your kids to do something that would be fun if they'd listen.

I have good kids. They are normal and need correction. It was a good day despite the early leaving from the park.  There is still more planned for this day, so I may come back and add to the post later or do another one.

Have a great summer peeps. Make it a fun one and a safe one.