Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Day 4........

Today is Sunday and we went to church and had wonderful Lord's day.
Worship was precious. We have a precious church family that is devoted to the Lord and the worship of the Lord.  I am awed by just how much my children love Jesus. They are exuberant when they praise Jesus. They have no inhibitions in worship and it blesses my soul. They dance Jesus and praise with Him with all that is within them.  Thank you Lord that you gave me these precious children. Thank you Lord, for drawing them to you. Thank you Lord that they listen to your voice.  My kids could get the best grades in the world, or a trophy for something or a reward of any kind; but NOTHING absolutely nothing beats them loving Jesus.  Their hearts follow hard after you. Oh Jesus, how did I get these kids? Kids you blessed with me that have a faith so deep and so pure I can not put it into words.  Lord, help me follow their example and praise you with all that I have.

I can only imagine how much better dancing before Jesus will be. However, in the mean time watching my children dance in joy for their Jesus.........blesses my soul.

No shame in dancing before Jesus in praise.....none.

To have Jesus in your heart is pure joy.

Jesus my Savior, I love you.

I love watching my family worship you.

In an act of worship they knelt before the Lord.......

and praised Him some more.

My heart is full to overflowing because of my Lord and how His hand works in the lives of my children. Oh Lord let them serve you this way, all of their days.


Carolyn said...

Joyful praise! I'm sure the angels joined in & there
was a party in heaven joining the singing

Thelma Strobl said...

Yes amen, I am sure too. Thank you.