Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Day 8---Bubbles and a grasshopper

Today has been a bit of a lazy day.  We had a pajama day.  Allergy issues and leftover benadryl hangover put me on slow go status. The kids did get their chores done.  They are currently playing hide and seek but saying yodelay yoo hoo as they search. Jenny with her cute way of saying things is priceless trying to say it.  Listening to them play is priceless. The sound of feet up back and forth in the hall way, up and down the stairs let me know just where they are.  Makes me think of the devotional I was doing recently and it brought up how God always knows where we are and even when people try to hide from Him............He knows.
Yes, my children might be hiding from each other but, I know where they are. They are so busy playing they don't realize how well they give away their position to me.

We also played with some bubbles. Now there are bubbles and then there are the type of bubbles you can catch without them busting. I forget what they are called, but if you can stack them.  Pretty cool. I just had plain old soap bubbles when I was a kid. Now they have technically superior bubbles, apparently. LOL

Chris also came running to me at some point today saying MOM MOM MOM, I found a big cricket but he is dead but he is so cool. And you know, he is right. It is pretty incredible. Now I have people who would tell me that is gross, or ewwwwwwww yuck. Seriously though, it was a complete and utter opportunity to discuss creation and how neat and unique this critter is made.  He is beautiful in the grand scheme of things, frozen and petrified.  No decay, no gross anything emitting from this thing.  So I let my kids look at him and examine with a magnifying glass. They were fascinated. 

So today we had lessons with Bubbles and a grasshopper and watching the world through their eyes is amazing.