Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Day 2

Today we went to pick up the girls' report cards. They did quite well. Hannah's TCAP scores were up there, wow, girl has skills.  LOL.  Chris' report card will come in the mail, the benefits of being in middle school.


It amaze me how fast our kids grow.  Then we came home and have been doing chores and what not.  It is taking them all quite a bit of time to complete what I have asked. However, at least they are doing it.

Chris was my biggest helper when I undertook the task of cleaning our porch and deck. I think because he wanted control of the hose...............LOL

So although, they are not doing it on "my" time table they are doing it. The summer stretches before us.  I am excited and thankful for having summer with my niblets.