Friday, July 29, 2011

The Potter and the Clay

A friend of mine wrote about wives and husband and how Christian women pray for their husbands to be changed, saved, whatever the need is at the time.  However, we as women have to be willing to change to.  To let God change us and mold us. How the fact that in a marriage we are two made into one. If only one of the couple is changed, then the masterpiece God put together in marriage, becomes lopsided, in a manner of speaking.  They can function as a whole, but something will be off.  When someone views the masterpiece, they may see it right away, or they may wonder...what is it.....what is off?  It isn't the fault of the Potter but the clay has been unyielding and their is a bubble or a crack. Under pressure and heat this bubble or crack can grow worse or be hidden.  It all depends on the clay.  The Potter will not force the clay to yield, but He works with it until it does yield. This is a process. It does not happen over night.

So for all those women praying for lost husbands, wayward husbands, Godly men who have issues that no one knows, do not give up.  God is working.  As women we have to yield to the Master and be willing to change to. Our husbands issues and faults do not lie in our hands, but God's hands.  We can not fix it, only God can.

However, we can yield and let God fix us.  We can yield to the molding, the fires of purifying.  Letting God do what HE wants in us to make us what He wants us to be.  To equip us for the work He has called us to.

When a potter works on his masterpiece, he uses many different tools.  Sometimes, he uses a chisel, sometimes water and his gentle hands, sometimes a soft bristle brush, and yet other times a hard bristled brush.  It all depends on what He is trying to make.  What flaw he is trying to work out of the clay. 

 Sometimes the molding feels pleasant and gentle.  Other times, it plainly hurts and feels as if something is being torn out. Why?  Because some things only come out by giving into pain, so that the Master can then take His gentle, soothing hands, and sooth away the scar/hole left by what was taken out.  He has the master plan.  He knows the design.  He knows what it will take to make the final masterpiece.
When we yield to the molding, making, breaking...we allow the Master to make us into something  beautiful.  There are times we have to be so broken, that part has to be built up again.  It is in those moments, God truly takes what was meant for pain and sorrow and turns our mourning into dancing.  And from our pain comes strength for the journey He has called us to.

 I yield Lord, Jesus. To your hands. Mold me and make me into what You want. Help me yield and not fight the process. Help me not worry about what the process is like for others because you are their Master working on them in the way they need.  
While my journey may be different.  When you match me with my husband or other believers we not only become a "matched set" but a masterpiece that works together. A masterpiece that draws others in, to be molded.  
Let me be a vessel of honor that brings in people to your Kingdom.  You are the Potter....I am the clay. I am in Your hands.  


Cherie said...

I love that God is so patient with us. As I was reading your post I keep seeing how the Potter is the ultimate one in control. He is always patient with the clay as He molds it into His hearts desire and He never leaves the clay the same as He found it!

I love this Thelma! Thank you for not being ashamed to say you are an Imperfect Wife...

Love you!!

Thelma said...

thank you my sweet friend. I am awed by how God uses blogs and words shared to touch us to our very hearts and souls. Thank you for your post..that challeneges me to let God work on my imperfect self..LOL

Thelma said...

Oh and I am so glad He doesn't leave us the way He found us!!

Burkulater said...

Yes, this is so important. We have to learn to give up control and work on ourselves. God does the rest.