Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Reunion

There we all were in days gone by, so
young, so innocent so cute and sweet.
Those were the days, you played in the yard without shoes (unless like myself you borrowed someones sock and shoe--see picture).  You ate watermelon with the juice running down your belly. You played unaware of the bugs, the heat, and the dirt.  Those were innocent, fun filled days. You could count on Grandma to have the cookie tin always full and the best fried chicken anyone could ever make.  My Grandma could make better chicken than the Colonel EVER could.  Those were the days, you drank out of the water hose and ran free in the yard or the neighbors fields.  Those were the days, parents didn't worry as much about their  children crossing paths with some stranger who would steal them away.  Although it did happen, those were different times.  A gaggle of children were always together, playing, running, laughing and screaming.

This past weekend I went to a family reunion.  We "children" now have children of our own.  Life is different.  Freedom to play and run is not the same.  However, our kids do not realize it, so they run, laugh, play and scream.  They love to hear about when we were kids.  Those of us who made it to the reunion, seemed to pick up, right where we left off.  Time and distance was not a boundary and love does not go away.  Hugs and joy upon seeing faces you haven't seen in yours; can not be measured.  The love of family is a timeless, endless joy. Miles may come between us and years may lengthen the time we see each other face to face, but love......love goes on. 

The legacy left to us by our grandparents is love.  Those children sitting on those steps have gone different ways and experienced different things...but there is one things that binds us together.  LOVE.  The heritage we need to pass down to our children is love.  Families were designed by God for just that reason..LOVE. 

God the Father sent His only Son into the world that we all might be adopted into HIS family.  His love goes on and on and does not die. 

One day there will be a grand and glorious family reunion. We will be reunited with family that has gone on before us.  We will be meet our Father in Heaven..face to face.  We will behold the Savior!  That family reunion will be unlike any other.  There is only one way to get there....you have to be adopted into the family, through the sacrifice of the son.  Are you ready for the reunion?  You have already received the invitation.  All you have to do is answer the RSVP.  Yes I am coming, I want to be in the family...I accept this gift of life. 
I have turned in my RSVP as a YES I am coming...Have you?