Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thunderstorms, rain and kids

The sky is growing darker....the rain is starting to fall...the thunder is a clapping and the lightning can be seen by all.

We were going to do a drive by book drop off at the library and then run home again.  However, I seriously do not want to be caught out in a thunderstorm with a 5 year old who can get really freaked out by storms. 

The other day it was really, really bad.  And I told her about how Jesus spoke to the storm and said Peace Be Still and the storm stopped.  She wanted me to do it.  (She has more faith in Mama's prayers than Mama does. I think I just learned a lesson.)

So I opened up the back door and shouted out into the storm
"Peace Be Still, In Jesus Name".  And you know what.........the storm began to calm.  Jenny said " works."  My other two kids said of course it works.
I was floored by their faith in my prayers. I sometimes, feel, like my prayers do not get past the ceiling.  However, my children think that Mommy's prayers bring results. 

Any time they feel bad or get an owie.  They come to me..."Mommy pray for me".  And I do.  They turn around and go back to what they are doing satisfied.  And even the times, my prayers were not answered right away, and the flu or fever raged on, they did not doubt.  They just said thanks Mommy...I do feel better now.  It isn't necessarily that the symptoms were better, but their spirits felt better.

What a lesson to say that even when we can not see the answer to our prayers, they have an effect.  Prayers do not go out void before our Father.  He hears them everyone.  He sees our tears and stores them in a bottle.  If He does much more precious are our words to Him.

He loves to hear from us.  If we listen, we can hear Him too. Even if it is through the voice of our child saying "It works"...after we prayed.  That is the Father saying "I hear you"