Friday, April 15, 2011

Strep throat, scarlet fever and allergic to antibiotics

All in one wee little body.  Jenny was sick last week and I took her to the pediatrician.  She was diagnosed with what appeared to be a sinus infection.  She seemed to be getting better. Then on Wednesday, she started tossing her cookies and running temperature. I figured, a tummy bug caught on top of what she already had.

On Thursday night, she spiked a 103.3 temp. This morning I woke up to her having a rash and it spreading and getting brighter. I called the doctor and set the appointments for two kids. Christopher also was running fever, which started yesterday, when the school called for me to pick him up. 

Off we see the doctor.  He said that it could be a reaction to the previous antibiotic, sulfur drug.  Or it could be strep.  So he tested for strep.  It was positive.  Diagnosis is that it was both, because of the nature of the rash.  Part is scarlet fever like, part is not.  Poor baby is miserable.  So she gets a new antibiotic, plus benadryl every 6 hours.  She has cried more than she has in years.  I have done a lot of holding, rocking and cuddling. She tried to cuddle up to me, like she was my tiny baby once more.  Those precious little, hot fevered hands patting Mommy while Mommy pats here, about broke my heart.

Christopher said "Mommy just use your Mommy magic, and she will feel better".  If I could, I sure would.  I explained some things, Mommy magic doesn't work for and we have to trust Jesus.

I am so glad that at 10, he still thinks Mommy has Mommy magic.  Jenny still needs Mommy like she does.

Hannah, well she has been the best little helper. She is growing up and loves to help.  I see so much nurturing in her it blows my mind. 

So we are house bound for a few days.  I guess I am glad it is raining because that way, we don't miss out on the sunshine too much.

God is faithful and it is in these times, that we discover He truly does give us enough grace to get through each day.  God is so good.


Burkulater said...

Awe:(. Poor baby!

Thelma said...

thanks....finally the rash has faded.