Tuesday, April 12, 2011

House Hunting and the fixer upper

We are looking for a house.  We have looked at close to 17 houses altogether.  We have seen some we liked the house, but there was no yard for the kids to really play in. We have seen some, their is a wonderful yard but the house was too small, too old, too stinky etc.  I know God has the perfect house for us in mind, in our price range.  Renting is just too expensive, when buying will give us less mortgage than we pay in rent.  I know God has something for us, we have to wait on His timing.

 Looking at the houses from the kids perspective has been hilarious.  They walked in one today that would have been perfect had it not been for the yard..(it was built on cliff practically).  And being a foreclosure it was trashed and needed lots of work.  The layout, rooms etc, would have been perfect.  The kids were like "this is a NO"..before we could even say it. First, off, I'd have been sledding downhill with the car in our drive every winter just to get out.  Ice and a Florida girl on a steep driveway.......not a good combo.

We don't mind a fixer upper as long as it is cosmetic type stuff, new wallpaper or paint.  But if it needs major work there is no way on our budget we can do that.

One was nice, had a nice yard, etc, but really not enough storage for us and the girls room would have been too small. They have to share. 

In any case, it put me in mind of how God searches us and wants to reside.  We have to invite Him in. But He moves in to the "fixer upper" when we ask and starts renovations immediately. He pulls out rotten floorboards and puts in a new foundation.  He tears down walls that need to be removed.  He does so much work and one day when we meet Him in the sky, we will be perfected.  In the meantime, He is busy, setting up housekeeping and removing all the stubble and cleaning us up.  But when we stand before the Father, He presents us as spotless and perfect, because HIS love, His blood covers all. What a picture it makes of how our Lord fixes us and makes us presentable to God. He knows all the work that needs to be done in us, but He says to the Father, this child is ours.  She/he is perfect in my sight because she/he has accepted me as Lord and Savior. Atonement has been paid.  What a thought. 

Thank you God for moving in to this fixer upper and doing renovations. I yield to your craftsmanship.  Make me into Your dwelling place, so that your light shines through the window of my soul and draws others in.