Monday, April 4, 2011

Mirror,Mirror in my heart..

We are mirrors...mirrors of the Lord's love.  It is our choice how we reflect Him.  Sometimes, we do a good job of reflecting His image to others.  Other times, we have to repent for showing a warped image of who our Lord is to others.

I thought of this the other day at prayer watch.  I was walking the front of the sanctuary, praising my God, singing and hands raised and the like.  Jenny walked up, took my hand and copied everything I did.  Every move I made, she made. Every step I took, she took.  It was precious and oh so revealing.  Our children learn to worship from us. They learn so much by mirroring our movements, actions, words and deeds. 

I pray I am a mirror that reflects my Lord in a way that lead them and others to Jesus in the right way.  I pray that I will learn to let HIM be the only reflection  the mirror of my heart shows.