Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I once was lost, but now I'm found

Jenny wanted to play with her dollhouse.  Okay so the doll house family (actually there are two doll house) were missing. Jenny said she put them in the leggo box? Why I do not know. I looked in the leggo box..stirred it around and no people. I spent this morning looking EVERYWHERE imaginable for the silly dolls. I spent well over an HOUR looking. Looked in the leggo box several times, stirred them around etc, no dolls. We prayed, we looked, we prayed. Finally I decided to dump the leggo box......eureeka...there deeply buried in leggos were the dolls. Looks like a leggo building collapsed. There were no casualties. NO dolls were hurt in the making of this post. They are all now safely back in their dolly home. Jenny now knows the dolls go NOWHERE. The leggo box is NOT a dolly vaction home. LOL LOL.

It brought to mind, the woman in the Bible and the lost coin.  Luke 15:8 -10. I was just like that woman, looking everywhere until it ws found.  I went through the toy box.  I looked under beds, and in cabinets,  I looked under couch and chairs, behind cushions and everywhere.  I prayed as I looked.  Now I know in the grand scheme of things, doll house dolls are not "valuable". However, they are valuable to us.  The girls love them and we spend time playing dollhouse together.  So the value may not be monetary, but they are valuable.  In my girls' eyes, doll house play is like when we have tea parties. It is mommy and girl time.  To us it is worth so much more than words can say.

Isn't our Lord that way?  He will search for us when we are away from Him until we are found.  He will not give up looking that the one that is lost. His love for us is infinite.  He never gives up on His beloved.  Granted we have to accept the free gift of His salvation, but He never gives up looking for the lost and drawing them to Himself.

We as His children, should look for more of Him, the way I looked for those dolls. We should search the nuggets of truth in the scripture that God wants us to learn.  We should look and search for His will and exhaust ourselves in looking for the things of God.  We should never stop searching for Him or ways to do His will.  We have been commissioned by Him to look for the lost and hurting.  To seek them out and give them His love. 
Lord, help me always be a searcher, one who searches for You and all your ways.