Monday, May 24, 2010

Explaining death to children...

While they can not understand in evidenced by my 3 year old asking...."Is Miya still died"?  The faith of a child helps them grasp the things of death better than you thought.  Jenny has been talking about Miya non stop.  I explained to the kids yesterday after deciding they will go with me to the viewing, about the body left behind.  I told them it was not the real Miya, just her body, her shell.  That the soul of Miya, her spirit, what made her Miya is with Jesus and she has a new body that has no pain and no owies. 

So Jenny went into her nursery at church last night and told her teacher.  "Miya is died but her is in heaven with Jesus and her has a new body".  I did not know she would grasp it enough to explain it to someone else.   She has also said in the last couple days "Mommy Miya's wiver is not bwoken anymore" true.  The other two have  talked about Miya playing in heaven.  So precious.

I told them that they can be sad and at the same time it is okay to laugh if they feel joy during the day.  That just because they are sad doesn't mean they can't enjoy life.  That if they need to cry they can.  If they don't want to cry they don't have to.  I told them their feelings are okay.  I explained (and will again) the behavior they will need at the viewing.  That it is okay to be a little scared or worried, or sad or even okay if they don't know what to feel.  They can ask questions but must do so with a soft, respectful voice. 

This will be a life lesson. They can say goodbye to their friend who is basking in the presence of Jesus.  I am sure more questions will come.  But hopefully I am helping them through this journey of grief, saying good bye to a dear friend.