Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Long Insecurity and Stepping UP(Psalms of Ascent)

I think it is no accident that I received my Beth Moore book about Insecurity the same week our ladies group started the Psalms of Ascent Bible study.

An all to familiar thing happened yesterday when my insecurity smacked me hard in the face and I turned into a woman most people would not recognize. Quite honestly I freaked out over something that wasn't worth freaking out over. My oh so wise husband picked up on it without hearing my tirade and did the right thing. He is a very smart man.

I am all too aware that my insecurities can effect my dear sweet children if I am not careful. Yesterday, while in freak out mode, I said some things and such that I am not proud of as I ranted out loud, instead of to myself with them in the other room. Yeah....way to go Mom. I had to spend some of my on my face time before God repenting for my attitude brought on by my insecurities. Ahhh yes, we women...so insecure about some things in our lives. For one woman it is one thing, and for another it is different but when it boils down to it.........insecurity can turn you into someone you don't even recognize yourself. And in that insecurity I want to Step up to the next level in God as He pulls me out of the pit of insecurity on the the next level with Him.

So today I am making a plan on how to address some of these insecurities. My insecurity tends to paralyze me into inactivity instead of using it to do something about the very things I am insecure about and DO have the ability to change. So instead of wallowing in it...I need to be proactive and do something about the things I CAN change. The other stuff I have to let go and let GOD...because I can't change other people.

I will step up to the next level and I WILL gain control over these insecurities with the help of my Lord.

(And yes I am promoting these books and suggest that all women need to read the book and do the study.)