Monday, March 1, 2010

I've got the blues.......

The I don't wanna do anything but stay in my jammies blues....LOL.

It has been an interesting weekend....yeah that's the word...interesting.

It started on Saturday morning 15 before 7, my sister called to tell me she had called 911 for my nephew. I told her I'd meet her there. He collapsed and an ambulance was on the way to rush him to the hosptial. He was rushed to the nearest hospital lights and sirens barely responsive and throwing heart arrythmias. Once he arrived they did a blood sugar test it was only 36. They gave him some kind of stuff that looked like karo syrup in his IV. In any case we spent all day at two different hospitals. Tentative diagnosis after a little over 24 hours in the hospital is hypoglyocemia. He is home and doing better..but what a ride. On Sunday we took my sister her van after church and the day was filled with go go go. Then in the middle of the night last night Hannah puked. Unknown to me thanks to benadryl but Mike took care of it. He is such a good Daddy. The weekend has been a blur. Oh did I mention, my dryer is toast. So we had to do some laundry at the in laws, rather Mike did it while I was with my sister. Yesterday, we had to pick up said dry laundry, thanks to my mother in law who folded it for us.

So tonight, we have to go looking for a dryer if everyone is better and well enough.
So now you know why I have the I don't wanna get dressed blues...LOL


Burkulater said...

Sounds like an emotionally busy weekend! I hope things turn for you soon! Hugs XOXOX

Burkulater said...

You have been awarded by me. Come see.

Thelma said...

oh wow....thank you. I am coming to see. Oh and add my Jenny to the pukers list...LOL. If you didn't laugh sometimes, you'd cry. Let's just say mac and cheese for lunch and deciding at the moment was not fun..LOL. But the lysol can did wonders..and my Jenny wanted me to spray "abreeze" in da batroom cause uh da pookie smell"..LOL (febreeze).