Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday...and House Cleaning Day

I love Saturdays....days to sleep in...well at least past six in the morning.  We were awakened before 7 by one of the children and then slowly but surely all of them joined us at some point.  The bigger two went down to watch cartoons.  Mike and I lay there discussing the fact we really should get up and get started with our day.  About 7:30 the little one joined us for a cuddle.  Her sleeping in until 7:30 is just in indication she hasn't been well this week.  Usually, her feet hit the floor first, bright happy and crying out with joy "It's the day Mama, It's the day".  Those cuddles are the best, Saturday morning cuddles.  What a blessing to feel those little warm arms and bodied cuddled up to you telling you how much they love you.  It is the picture of security and the way we are supposed to trust our Father.

Today we are holding the HOUSECLEANING OLYMPICS.  I do this once a year, right about spring time or close to spring.  It is when I can no longer stand the stuff that has accumulated in spots it doesn't accumulate in the summer.  For us this week, it is because we have had sick kids and my housework is behind.  Not to mention, the DRYER COMES TODAY....woo hoo.  I have mount laundry to tackle but I will have a WORKING dryer.  So once a year, we do the housecleaning olympics and the kids get "medals" for such events as:

Toy Wrestling, Book Corralling, Dust Busting and Bed making gymnastics.  There are other events that they will just assist with, like toilet taming, kitchen roundup and vaccuum wrangling.   This makes our family clean up day fun.  Our kids love it. 

This time we are all instituting some new family goals and rules in our pre olympic meeting.  The kids are going to help come up with a solution to the mislead idea Mommy and Daddy are there for the sole purpose of cleaning up after them.  Now, they know this fact, but lately we and they have let this slide.  I have picked up stuff I should have had them do.  They of course responded to this as any child would, and began to do less and less.  However, as a family, it takes us all working together to keep our house running smoothly. 

So that will be our day. 


Jennifer said...

Good for you guys!

I did a little spring cleaning myself this week end.