Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My time is over...

or may be over....that is my time as a stay at home mom may be coming to an end. There is much change afoot in our household. Changes that promise to be good but changes all the same. I knew I would eventually have to go back to work in order to pay student loans. However, this may come sooner than anticipated due to possible changes, good changes with hubby's employment. I have mixed feelings. Jennifer will benefit from Pre-K and craves school like a duck craves water. There is a possibility I could work in a Pre-K, get discounted childcare and be able to work with children. However, I wish I could afford to be a sahm well into the children's teens. We are not doing this, if it happens JUST to have more money, but to be responsible and good stewards of what God has given us. I hope, if I have to work to only work mainly during my children's school hours. Time will tell. For now, I must pray, that I am ready and willing to do what God is calling me to do........"For Such a Time As This".

I feel this is pivotal in our lives. My attitude must be one of trust and not despair. I must realize that God may be orchestrating events for a greater purpose than I can even imagine. He has promised to never forsake me. He has promised to bring about HIS perfect will in my life. His WILL may be different than what I THINK. So I lay myself before my God and say.......Lord I surrender. I surrender my hopes, my dreams, my will. THY WILL be done. If this is what you want....lead me into it with assurance and peace we are on the right path. Let us know quickly, what the next step is.

I have been attending a study on Esther. Esther had a decision to make, to choose what God wanted or choose what she wanted. She could approach the King and face possible death or choose not to and face annihilation. Her choice had great ramifications than mine does. However, I have a choice to make. I need to make the choice God wants. And for all I know God wants me to go back to work in this setting "For Such a Time as This". I do not know. BUT....I TRUST my LORD! I will pray.......I will seek God and I will take each step with great forethought and much prayer.


Shawna said...

We are both at the same pivotal point in our lives. But mine does has to do with more money... but needing it, not wanting it. We need more money coming in. Joe is not capable of supporting all 9 of us any longer. His industry is hit and miss... and unfortunately, utility companies do not let you pay in a hit or miss fashion.

I am contemplating temp work until I can open my school after next year. I have yet another book to publish, but even that is more about getting my voice out there rather than dollars coming in. And we are working on building another home to sale--but credit markets are still pretty much frozen. So temp work it may be--which would allow me to work around David's schedule.

You working in the schools would be great! Great for you and great for the schools! They don't know what a treasure they would have in you, Thelma!