Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How can a child Stall? Let me count the ways...

  1. Put on sock

  2. Adjust sock.

  3. Get up do a little dance.

  4. Wrestle with little sister's BIG Elmo

  5. Put on 2nd sock

  6. Adjust sock

  7. Skate in the kitchen with socks

  8. Take off jammies

  9. Do a little dance in you underwear

  10. Put on pants

  11. Decide to check backpack

  12. Skate some more in the kitchen

  13. Put on shirt

  14. Wrestle with BIG Elmo some more and annoy sister.

  15. Walk around in circles singing a song

  16. Go to bathroom to brush teeth but don't start yet

  17. Make faces and googley eyes at self in mirror

  18. Put tooth paste on brush

  19. Do a little dance, break it on down.

  20. Brush teeth

  21. Swish water in mouth and do a whale spout with water

  22. See if you can make a "basket" trying to toss toothbrush into cup for toothbrushes.

  23. Do victory dance whether you make the "basket" or not.

  24. Put on shoes

  25. Check back pack again

  26. Annoy sister again, beat up Elmo (get scolded for being mean)

  27. Pout

  28. Stomp around some (get corrected)

  29. Realize Mama ain't PLAYIN

  30. Suddenly......your ready


Burkulater said...

I hear ya momma. It just took us 30 minutes to get around the block. Brother was not peddling so fast today.

Thelma said...

LOL......but one day I will miss these days....I keep telling myself that.....LOL.