Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We are not Helpless and We are not Hopeless

Darlene Landreth from Chatanooga TN, spoke at our ladies meeting last night. It was powerful and it was awesome. God is our DADDY. We are HIS children. He did not create helpless children and HE gave/gives us hope. There is nothing formed against us that can stand. We are not bound by despair through Christ, because He is our burden bearer. He is our HOPE, our STRENGTH, our JOY. He IS!

As the power of God fell last night, I watched God do great and mighty things. I was blessed last night and God gave me a word for my children. I have really struggled as of late, with Christopher's eating, health, and growth issues. However, there is NOTHING the enemy has formed against my children that can tear them from the mighty hand of God. My children love God. My son and one of my daughters has given their hearts to Jesus at early ages. My other daughter is protected because she is not yet old enough to make that decision. Sure trials may come, and they may face things thrown in their path. BUT......He will not abandon them. He will not allow them to be crushed. My son WILL be healed. However, God impressed upon me that some of Christopher's issues and the desire to be free from them has to come from him. The Lord wants Christopher to decide if he is going to trust God with his eating or if he is going to let fear win. He is old enough to understand some of this. God has a great and mighty plan for my children. He has given them a destiny and a purpose. But they MUST CHOOSE to trust God. While they are young I am teaching them in the way that they should go. I must TRUST God to do the rest. I am going to put this on a level my son can comprehend and I am going to talk to him. I am going to explain that the reason he is not eating is not due to an illness. It is something Christopher has to decide within himself to do. We can't make him and God will not force him. God wants my son to TRUST him. As I ponder these thoughts, the burden I was feeling weighing heavy on my heart after last night's service has been lifted. Clarity has been given. My son is almost 9. He has accepted the Lord as his Savior. He is walking in the Spirit. So Christopher, must choose, not Mama, not Daddy, not Pastor David, not Oma, not Opa, not Pastor Minnick.....Christopher must decide if he trusts the Lord enough to help him with these issues. How I will explain it on his level; I am not sure yet. But God will give me the words. God has let me see this is not my battle and it is not Christopher's battle but it is the LORD'S battle. However, Christopher and myself must give the battle to him and not try to fight it ourselves.

My child will walk free from the fear of foods and change. My child WILL walk in health and strength for my son has been called for a great and mighty purpose yet to be revealed. My daughters WILL walk in Jesus all of their days. They will live pure and holy lives and walk into the destiny God has birthed within their hearts. As I watch my Hannah's zeal in the Forerunner program and see her love for worshipping the Lord.....I see a mighty worshipper for God. I see something in my daughter's eyes I can not explain. As I watch Jennifer, and her gift for making people laugh and smile.....I see the gifts God is placing in her. I choose to TRUST God with those purposes He has put in their hearts. HE will use those gifts for HIS glory.

The clarification is crystal clear today about what God wants in my children. My family will serve the Lord. My husband and I WILL walk in ministry. He has us in a place for now.....a place of waiting.....a place of growing........a place of basking........a place of learning.....but it is NOT a place of idleness. It is a place to minister where we are and in the tasks He has given us.

I must minister to my husband, my children, the little ones I watch and nurture what God is growing in each of them and I must guard my heart and let HIM grow in me what is trying to burst forth....because I am NOT HELPLESS and I am NOT HOPELESS. I am a woman God can use in many ways........IF I humble myself and bow my will and my way to HIM.