Monday, September 21, 2009

Children and faith

My kids have a deep sense of God and it awes me. The other day we were driving back from Walmart and Hannah said and I quote "Mommy if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart every willl keep the devil away". I could not have said it better myself.

On the same ride Jennifer who I could see in the rear view mirror at the stop light......looked up.....stretched her wee hands toward heaven and said "Jesus come to me"......acted like she had something in her hands and hugged it to her and kissed it. Her brother said but Jennifer, Jesus has to live in your heart. Jennifer said "But I holds Him in my hands and wuvs Him".....well if we all held Jesus not only in our hearts but in our hands as well.....would we not have a better world?

Christopher's prayers are so deep, so precious, so faith filled I can't even put them into words. He loves his Lord with all his little heart, mind, body and soul.

They astound me. Their love for God, their deep blows me away. Yes we have taught them but it is their faith, their belief that is growing. God is doing a mighty thing in my children and I am awed and humbled. It is these moments that make life as a Mom easier. It is these moments that make the hard moments worthwhile.


Hope said...


How blessed you are!

Thelma said...

Amen......His blessings overwhelm me!