Monday, August 6, 2007

The Happy Period

Okay first I have to give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from my friend Tracy on The Mommy Lobby and had to run with it. Oh and be forwarned this DOES discuss a very womanly topic:

Always brand pads has a new slogan that you can have a "Happy Period" with their product, complete with wings and moisture proof lining. First and foremost, no one in their right minds would put the words happy and period together. Secondly, it had to be a man that came up with that slogan. And if it was a woman, she must have had temporary insanity. Because I have never ever had a remotely happy period. Not to mention,
whoever invented the wings and wants to talk about happy periods.....obviously NEVER had one of the wings come loose from the panties and attach to the hair on a certain part of your anatomy and have it slowly but surely rip out your hair as you search for a bathroom to remedy the situation....cause you know it ALWAYS(lol) happens in obviously they dont know there is no such thing as a happy period. Oh and those self same people that want to discuss happy periods, obviously never had aching boobs, raging hormones and cramps. They obviously never lived in reality or had an actual period because they sure ARE NOT happy in the slightest. Oh and whoever thinks a pad could be a happy thing during a period wings or not.......obviously never had to wear one in the Florida heat or feel like they were wearing a diaper. Yes, my dear friends, the happy period it is a myth, and that slogan has to by far be one of the dumbest slogans ever. Then again, it does stick in your brain because it is bold face lie.


Country Girl At Heart said...

Funny, funny, funny. But very true.