Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I am doing a study on words, the words we speak, the effect words have on our lives.  This scripture, leaped out at me today:

James 1:26 (ESV)
If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless.
I don't think there is a one of us that can say are words and speech to others, about others or even about ourselves is always perfect. However, if we have a lifestyle of putting people down or not thinking about what we say, the scripture is clear.  We can't speak the life and love of Jesus if our words are not kind, thoughtful and loving.

Yes we can offer words of correction to a brother or sister in Christ, but it is in how it is said, the heart behind it and the way in which it is delivered. Do the words I say build a person up or tear them down?  I alone am responsible for the words that come out of my mouth.

I try to speak words of kindness and love.  I know there are times I fail miserably. I do want to be more aware of what I say, and what I speak to or about or around people. I don't want my faith, my testimony  to be seen as worthless.  I want love of Jesus to ooze out of every pour and fiber of my being. I want people to see the love of Jesus when they see me in action or hear the words I say.

So I am going to challenge myself this week and see if I can only speak good things.  I have heard of people going on a challenge where they only speak positive things, no complaining etc.  I haven't ever really tried it, but I think I will.  I want to see if I can keep from complaining or saying negative things.

We don't realize how many times a day our words can have a negative effect on others.  I pray that those times, my words have hurt or caused someone a problem, will be forgiven.  I have never intentionally set out to let my words hurt. However, I like everyone else on the planet, sometimes speak before I think.

Lord, let the words of my mouth be tempered by the meditation of You and Your Word.