Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, New life, New Hope..........

Each New year begins with hope afresh, the choice to change our lives, the choice to change our old habits.  It goes beyond resolutions, if we let it.  We can in the Lord find new vision, new vitality.  I am praying for a year that changes lives because I am obedient to the Lord.  I am praying for a new body that is healthier as I do the work to bring my body into subjection, give up soda, exercise more. Again, this goes beyond resolutions.

I turned 45 on Jan. 1st.  As I looked back on my life, I could see the good moments, the not so good moments, the sad moments, the happy moments..........and I prayed, Lord this year, I want to make a change. I want to do things that matter, even if it matters to only one.

God took me seriously and He is working on me and the things in my life that need change. I am working on my healthy, attitudes, my walk with Him. There is not one of us who can think or say we don't have things that must change.

I want to look back next year and say wow...look what God did.  God is able to do things we can not even imagine.  I am putting my trust and hope in nothing less than Jesus and His faithfulness.  Mankind, diets, exercise can fail us, but our Lord........He NEVER fails.

I am praying that this year brings me a job that works around my family's schedule or a raise for something for Mike that would enable us to walk better in this economy than we have  before. I know God is able.

I am praying for my children to grow in wisdom and statue in Christ and in body and life.  As I watch how they love Jesus I am amazed by their precious faith.

I am praying for my husband as he seeks more of the Lord. That he too can find new hope, new life in Jesus.

My cry, from the depths of my soul is "Change my heart oh God, make it ever true"........because I want to do more for Jesus. Live life out loud for Him.  Be stronger and deeper in faith. This world is not always easy to live in, but with my Lord I can do anything.  Lord let me live out loud, for you with love. Let people see Jesus is alive, real and filled with love.

This is my hope for this year.