Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yesterday, Jenny came home singing a song she learned somewhere.

Chinese, Japanese, say cheese, these are my knees..........

Then she hooked her thumbs under her armpits with her hands laying on her chest.

What are these?

Now we all know where that song was going.......and what the answer was supposed to be.......i.e. "boobies".

Me wondering what she would say said:  "Jenny what are those"?

She looking at me with the most incredulous look on her face at how I could not know the answer said:
Arm pits Mommy, Arm pits.

So then I had to explain to her that she could not share that song with others and why.  However, I laughed when she first said it and said good job Jenny.

LOL.  I love that my child is still innocent enough she had no idea what the song was supposed to say.


Jennifer said...

Jenny melts my heart...Hopefully she will learn a new and better song LOL.

Thelma said...

Thanks......LOL. She has been singing the rubber ducky song from Elmo lately as their class is learning it for the school wide talent show.