Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Menopause, kids and crazy days

Menopause, that ugly word, the one I did not want to admit was headed my way like a freight train, has arrived.  Hot flashes and insomnia.  How one can be so tired but be unable to sleep, blows my mind.  Furthermore, me, the woman who has always been the one with chill bumps while everyone was fanning, needs a fan and ice packs.  I never pictured myself being that hot, sweaty woman trying to get the house cold enough to sleep.  Being halfway to 50 with 3 kids is interesting to say the least.  I have friends who are grandmas already, LOL.

But I have come up with a plan.  Tonight when insomnia hits I am going to spend time with the one who created me.  I am going to refocus and see it as a blessing.  Time when the house is quiet, the family is sleeping and I can spend time with my Lord.  Menopause, CAN be turned into a blessing.  I will see the silver lining, the glass as half full and all the possibilities.

It takes me back to the many hours I spent when my children were infants. Those night hours, nursing a new born and lack of sleep filled my days. When a middle of the night cry session of a baby, turned into a wonderful praise session.

The kids, well they are being kids and I am learning to adjust to the changes I am seeing in them. As I change, they are changing. So I can be in the mully grubs as my Mama always said, OR, I can embrace change. I can find ways to grow through their changes and my changes and we can grow together.
I see glimpses of the wonderful adults they will be. It may be mixed in among the squabbles and the stalling of homework, but it is there.  I am blessed.  I praise God for my family and all they are becoming.

Today has just been crazy for no reason. I did get some accomplished on my goals.  I am doing my fly lady stuff a little at a time.  I am plugging away at getting organized and my sink has been fly lady clean as of late. (See flylady.com if you want to know more. This is an unsolicited shout out to the fly lady). I have to do what works with my organizationally challenged self.  I am making progress. I am growing.

Watch me take wing and soar because as I wait up on the Lord, I will mount on wings as an eagle......and I will have strength.