Monday, January 17, 2011

The Silver Lining laced with prayer

So many times we see the trouble and the pain and everything that is wrong...especially when it seems as if everything that can go wrong does go wrong.  But I have learned something the last couple weeks. 

Christopher has pneumonia.  Where is the silver lining one might ask?  The very fact my son is not in the hospital and with pneumonia has still been able to be active, play and be himself.  In the past, before he was healed of asthma...pneumonia was almost a sure trip to the hospital with an admission.  He would turn a deathly, grey, blue color and look as if he'd take his last breath at any moment.  This time.....THIS TIME.....he has been home.  He has played...he has been active..had a few treatments but never been air hungry or in respiratory distress.  And that my friends is the silver lining that was laced with prayer.  Prayer brought about my son's healing.  His miracle!  Watching my son battle this as if it were a common cold instead of a fight for his life....let me tell you it has been amazing. 

There have been times in the past, I carried my son limp,blue, and grey into an er screaming for help.  Nurses rushes us back and pushed me back as they saved my son's life.  Watching him fight with some cough medicine and antibiotics instead of injections and hooked up to some type of oxygen support..........what a revelation as to how deep his healing has been.  No pneumonia is not a good thing.  But if you have walked where we walked and traveled roads we have traveled you would know just how wonderful plain pneumonia without the addition of asthma is!  Sounds crazy to some...I know.  But so many times, I have almost lost my son and God restored him.  Now that asthma is not an issue fighting off illness has become something new altogether.  God's promises...are true.  We waited and prayed and waited and prayed...did God deny us all these years.  Absolutely not!  Why it took so long for his healing?  I have no idea.  But God in His infinite wisdom and mercy brought it about.  He didn't  "just grow out of it" as some want to say.  He WAS HEALED.  How I know well because he hasn't grown enough to have "grown out of it". And the change was phenomenal. 

Our silver linings in life..are laced with prayer.  God hears each and every one.  How...when...why...He answers is up to Him.  But the silver lining on our dark clouds of life is our hope and our strength because prayer connects us to the one with the answers.  God is faithful.  Never ever give up on your miracle...because prayer works.


Nicole said...

God is amazing! How great that He healed your son from his asthma and that this time around with the pneumonia he didn't need to go to the hospital, that he can breathe on his own and pretty much be like normal! Praying he gets over his pneumonia soon!

Sometimes I wonder if the reason God makes us wait on certain things is because when he does answer our prayers then we can truly see that it was His work! That is the best way to describe it for me, that is what gives me such peace!

Great post!

Jennifer said...

God does amazing things. I love reading about your amazing sence of faith. You give me so much joy and faith of my own. You are a blessing

Thelma said...

Thanks ladies and you are a blessing as well. I am going to try and write my blog posts more often. God is amazing and does amazing things and our faith grows in big ways and small ways through the trials we face. And amen true. God is so faithful isn't He. You two just blessed my day..thank you