Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year...New Me?

Resolutions...we all make the attempt or most of us do.  I do want a new me.  A healthier me.  A deeper in Jesus me.  But getting to the new me, takes work, perseverance, and patience. 

My "resolutions" this year:

  • Lose some weight...which I did accomplish some last year.
  • To be more organized and increase my housekeeping abilities.  Now I am not trying to be the next Martha Stewart, but I sure do have room for improvement in this area!  I will tackle things one at a time, instead of trying to do a million and one tasks at once.
  • To find real, quality time with the Lord instead of the way I do it now, when I do get it in.  Life has a way of getting in the way.  Busyness is good if it doesn't take away from God or family.
  • To do more than talk about exercising.  To actually DO the exercising.
  • To find ways to encourage my husband that I haven't done before.  To let him know how treasured he is in the big ways and the small ways.
  • To sow stuff into my children that will last a life time, more so than before. We are facing a time in society that it is all that more important to sow good things into their hearts and lives
  • To encourage friends and family.
  • To have a positive effect on the lives of others that others will see Jesus in me. 
  • That I will always be true to my calling by the Lord and not doubt what He is doing in me.
  • To make life fun and my home of place of laughter and a stress free zone. That is not saying our home is a home of chaos but I want to nurture this aspect. 
  • To help the kids grow in the Lord and compassion.  My kids are compassionate God fearing little people but we all can grow in Him.
  • To seek first the kingdom of God in all areas of my life at all times of my life.  To kick doubt and fear that enters into all our lives to the curb.  I am not giving it a free ride!  It goes out with the trash.
  • To play more.
  • To love more.
  • To learn more.
  • To live more.
  • To hug more.
  • To pray more.
  • To sing more.
  • To be more.


NettieYork said...

beautiful resolutions...i love the "to sing more"!! i find myself singing so much lately (to my cd's of course!!) but it just fills me with joy and awe at our Lord! bless you on your resolutions~

Thelma said...

thankyou Nettie. God is faithful and He is helping me. I am a work in progress but I think I am doing pretty good.