Monday, December 27, 2010


The packages have been opened and the gifts have been given.  The glow still shines in the eyes of my children.  They were so good and so grateful for what they received.  By the world's standards, we had a small Christmas but in the grand scheme of things our Christmas was full of blessings.  Love in our hearts, food on our table and small gifts to share.  Grateful children and peace in our home.   Those gifts can not be measured.  I feel like this Christmas was special and intimate and full of blessing.  God provided in ways I can not even explain.

I believe God is going to do wonderful things this year.  Long after all the bows, ribbons and packages are gone the effects of this Christmas will remain treasured in my heart.  The love of my Father in heaven who showed me in so many ways He truly has provided Emanuel (God is with us) to my heart,mind, body, soul and home is the greatest gift of all.  It didn't come in fancy bows or paper.  It didn't come with a  price that can be measured.  But it came with the most precious gift of all the shed blood of a Savior dying for my sins, who came to this earth as a humble baby.  Thank you Jesus for your gift and that it shines like the brightest star in our home.