Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving recipes, what are you thankful for and more words of wisdom from my kids

Jenny(age 4)
What are you thankful for:
Jenny said:  My family and my friends.  And I love my friends and family.  I am thankful for Jesus and my friend little Hannah.  I am thankful for trees and uhmm my house.  I am thankful for Chippy (that is the chipmunk in our yard).  And I am thankful for for my Mommy and Daddy and bro bro and sissy. 

Turkey Recipe:
You have to take it out of the bag
Put some M&Ms  on it and some animal crackers and some chocolate chips
Put it on 5 degrees
and cook it for 6 hours.
Take it out and let it cool and then EAT IT.

Hannah (age 7)

What are you thankful for:
Hannah said:  I am thankful for my friends and family.  Grandparents, and my church friends.  I am also thankful for my food.  I am also thankful for Jesus.  I am thankful for the gifts that God gave me.

Turkey Recipe:
First you need a turkey from a store.  A 40 lb turkey (mind you she doesn't weigh 40 lbs)
Make it pretty with flowers around it before you bake it. 
Put some salt and pepper on it.
Bake it at 60 degrees for 20 minutes until it is cooked.
Then you will put it on a dish and put some more flowers around it.  Then everyone gathers around the table and eats potatoes and stuffing and yams.  And also a chocolate cake and pumpkin pie for dessert.

Christopher (age 10)
What are you thankful for:
I am thankful for my family , my friends, Jesus and the world.  I am thankful for my toys. 

Turkey Recipe:
Get a 15 lb turkey.
Use seasonings like garlic, salt, oregano, pepper
Put it in some sauce and keep it there to marinate it for a couple minutes at least.  Then put it on the grill.
Cook it for about an hour or so until it is brownish and golden.
Take it out and let it rest for a little bit and then put it back on for 15 minutes.
Take it out and it will be a beautiful golden color.
Serve it with peas, broccoli, tomatoes and also some soup. 
For dessert we will have pumpkin pie, cherry pie and apple pie. 
It will serve 5 people