Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday ,,,,,is it Monday.....again?

Mondays sneak up so fast!  I swear the weekend flies by and Monday is upon us.  We never have enough time together on the weekends.  Mike works so hard and the weekends is our family time.  It flies by.  So glad this week we will get some extra time because of the holiday.  I plan to make the most of it.

Two days of school this week for the older two and then the fun can begin. 

On Wednesday, we will have family chore day (early it is usually Saturday) without Daddy but I am going to make it fun.  I am going to make it a contest and they can earn prizes for the silliest cleanup costume and the fastest bed maker and the like.  We have to get ready for guests on Thursday and we want to make our house shine. 

On Thursday we will have lots of cooking to do and the kids and Daddy will play the Wii.  Oma and Opa and friends will come to eat with us and we will eat and play games and probably eat some more.

Friday we will begin putting up our Christmas decorations and make cookies and wo knows what all we will do.  Although Mike does have to go in to work that evening.  Saturday, Mike will work half a day and then we will finish whatever decorations we have left to do and eat lots of leftovers. 

Sunday will be church of course and then back to the grindstone on Monday until Christmas break.  See Mondays come toooooooooooo soon.

If I can...I will try and post some pictures and/or threads about our week...time will tell..LOL.