Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's Up

Jenny was distracted today and I said:

Jenny you are not usually distracted, what's up.

She said:

Now she wasn't being fresh because she said it, in a sweet way.  I guess she thought she was just answering my question. 

I need to find some other ways for her to practice her name writing.  She is getting bored with the usual.  So, I need to break it up.

Today we are working on several things and she is a bit distracted.  I think I will take her for a Fall walk once she finishes this worksheet to help her focus. 

Nothing says I have to do things a certain way.  I can be flexible and tailor her day to her needs.  Since we haven't done as much PreK lately she just may need to get back into the routine. 

I am surprised how much she has picked up with what we have and haven't done.  All of a sudden she is really getting the phonics concept and beginning sounds.  We are going to work on it some more, but she really is getting it.  Now if I can just be consistent well...more consistently.

So now I think we will take a walk and see those clouds that are indeed UP.