Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trying to come up with some idea for PreK this week.

I think we will bake some and maybe go on a "field trip".  I want to do a fall based theme.  I also want to focus on phonics, counting, writing and recognizing some site words.  I plan to get some contact paper and laminate some stuff I have to make it more durable. 

We have lots of leaves in our yard so we will probably do some leaf crunching..LOL.  I need to make sure she gets outside every day.  I am going to go to the dollar tree and see if we can find some more things to add to our preK stash.

We are going to do lots of reading. 

I think I also want to do a "photo" book of her day and then us make a story called Jenny goes to PreK.
We will take the photos and then write what is happening and make a story of her whole day.

Just some ideas I am kicking around.