Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What NOT to do on a snow day/and what to do

1. Do not attempt to get your children to agree on a movie. This will not happen.
2. Do not attempt to go to story time, thinking they will actually have story time. If school is cancelled so is story time at the library.
3. Do not attempt to make a new and exciting dish, the kids will not eat it.
4. Do not attempt to convince the children that being cranky means they need a nap. They will only pretend to nap.
5. Do not attempt to get the children to use their imaginations. After all, having had days of using one's imagination wears out ones imagination, and they make complaints of I don't know what to do.
6. Do not in any circumstances expect one's children to clean their rooms. For if one does, one will find said toys under said child's bed instead of in the toy bin.
7. Do not think that television will be a easy distraction. Said children are tired of TV.

Things to do:
1. Be surprised to find out your children actually want YOU to read to them, well as long as you make the words come alive and can let them help you read (kindergartner).
2. Let them teach you while playing school.
3. Cuddle, cuddle and cuddle some more.
4. Remember that you used to get bored too and couldn't figure out what to do. Distinctly recall telling your mother in that whiny voice "but there is nothing to do".
5. Treasure the moments because school will come again and you will miss these little people.
6. Last but not least think of ways to make the ground hog not see his shadow. After all he would not have seen it if they had not had all those silly lights for the TV cameras shining on him. Really......can't spring come already?