Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things overheard in my house...

My children are in the kitchen playing like eveything they touch turns to chocolate....touch touch touch..your chocolate. They finally did get dressed and off to school. Talk about the "Midas" touch.

Jenny is singing Angels we have heard on high..only it is "angel we have on when we are hyper".......LOL LOL LOL. Glad they have angels on when they are hyper.

If you don't do what I want I'll tell on you. (Had to intervene on this one).

Romance is when you go out to eat together and do stuff. (definition of romance by a 6 year old).

No Barbie you have to sit in time out, you were naughty. (Have no idea what Barbie did but apparently she is in big trouble, she has been in time out a might long time.)

Jesus loves us cause well He's Jesus. (Christopher explaining Jesus).

Jesus..He is God (from Jenny age 3, she gets it).

Jesus, He forgives us all the time, any time. (From Hannah..she said something to that effect but could't get it all. I was eaves dropping..LOL).

I will revisit this thread idea at a later time. But oh how cute, funny, sometimes naughty and sometimes so poignant and filled with truth the words of my children are when I stop to listen.