Monday, February 15, 2010

Not going to do it....

Make the one post per day for the year...I haven't blogged since the 3rd due to well life...LOL. Kids sick, I was sick and the like. But you know...that IS life. The world will not stop and there is no way I am going all the way back to the 3rd and recreate posts..LOL. 12 days of posts are a lot to cover..LOL.

Today I am having wish it were spring cleaning day. The kids are off for President's day so sounds like a good idea.

I will take them out to play in the snow later if it doesn't melt before this afternoon. It was very cloudy, but suddenly the sun is out, working on our snow..LOL. We barely got an inch so I don't know how long it will last.

I think we might make cookies today too. Time will tell, it all depends on how good they do their rooms and if I have to do follow up cleaning..LOL.

Okay off to clean where did I put the windex????


Louvregirl said...

So glad to see that you're blogging again Thelma; I was drawn to your blog by your title :)
louvregirl; have a great day! You are now at the very top of my blog roll!! :)

Thelma said...

awww thanks so's entry to be added