Monday, April 27, 2009

blogs from the weekend

April 25th
Ahh the joys of a new computer...yet we are unable to connect to the internet due to some technical issue. Hopefully, Mike can get it all figured out so that we can get online. Funny thing is...that 20 years ago...when I graduated from High School the internet had not yet been born. My kids will never know the world without technology such as this. As for me, I have fast become reliant to the technical advances of today. I love getting online, sharing thoughts and ideas....playing games and "socializing" with others that I would have otherwise never met. What an avenue to use for the glory of God. I try and make sure my blog/facebook/message boards I write on...uplift my Lord and encourage instead of tear down. At the same time I try to be real. Life isn't always roses....but the Lord helps me deal with the thorns and valleys. God is good. I am thankful for this new computer with all the new things we can do and discover...just in adding pictures I have all kinds of options I didn't have prior to this computer. COOL!
God is my hope,my strenth, my joy, my peace. I often wonder how I can share Him more with those around me...and while I do share with those in my immediate vicinity...having online access enables me to do so even more. As long as I remain true to my Lord's teaching and let all I do, say,write and speak bring glory to Him....I think I can spread His love. When you reach out to others in the true love of settles on those around you like the morning dew.....or the sunset in the touches and effects all those who come in contact with it.

April 26, 2009
Ahhh another manic to get ready for to prepare for Sunday lunch company....nursery to keep and then company to entertain. This morning I suddenly remembered at 5 am out of a dead sleep that I had meant to start the roast in the crockpot last night. So at got up and did it...I had it all done by 5:15 AM. Go MOMMY...LOL. The roast turned out quite yummy! I did not get my Sunday nap but I made it through. My darling husband did get us connected but there are some gliches...nothing we can't work around...but we think it is the server and not the computer.


Hope said...

Yay! Glad to hear you should be back on the net soon!

Yum.. roast sounds good!

Thelma said...

oh honey...I am back I am so back. In fact...I am planning a whole blog post around Jennifer and I planting the camera on the ready and the creative juices warmed up....LOOK out blog world here I come. I wrote we "cant work around the gliches" but I meant we CAN...LOL...those typos will get you every time..LOL LOL LOL

Shawna said...


I haven't read your posts yet--I will :-) I just wanted to get you email addy. The one I have isn't working and since I deleted my blogs I don't want to lose touch with you after all this time. So please send me an email with your latest address :-)

Thelma said...

Shawna...I hope you come back and check this...I don't have your email on my new computer...I am going to check my google account and see if I can find your email can contact me at

I hope I have yours....