Saturday, April 11, 2009

An appointed time

The word of God shows that there are appointed times for everything. God is a God of order........and precision......and love. As I mentioned in my previous post while waiting for my father in law to get out of husband and Brother T. from our church.....met a man who was in great need and in great pain because of events in his life. Now...perhaps some do not agree with what I am about to say or thing it is simplifying the things of God....but God's plan IS simple.

The man sat at a table right behind us.........and he asked a question and my husband and Brother T. answered and responded. At that moment in time........they had a I answer and talk to this brother..........who said at the time......"no ya'll are busy" or they could have done what they did. Put down their breakfast and own concerns to talk with a man whose emotional pain was clearly visible. The weight of his troubles and pain bearing down on him like a half ton weight. It was THAT visible. God obviously had a plan for "such a time as this". There we were waiting for my father in law who was in serious surgery........but here was a man and his wife who........were on the brink of a decision that could change the course of their lives. I so believe....God set up this appointment. How many appointments have I missed because I was busy or distracted? How many times do people come in and out of our lives in a blink but had we listened to the still small voice......we could have been agents of our Lord to bring about life giving change.

Yesterday husband received a call from Brother T...who had spent some additional time with this gentleman....the man GAVE HIS LIFE TO THE LORD! Brother T. said that this gentleman came out of that prayer.........visibly changed.

The fact that this man was in that place at that time for this reason.......blows me away........God directed what happened. Nothing we did, my husband or Brother T. did was of their own design. Thankfully they obeyed God and made the choice to put their own stuff aside and meet a man in his hour of need. 2 souls came to God yesterday.......countless others walk in and out of Christian's lives many appointments do we miss because of our own issues. Oh Father above......forgive me for countless missed opportunities.......let me ever be mindful that you have appointed times for people including me. You have a plan and I need to listen so I can be a part of the plan.

May God be praised. My father in law......will be beyond blessed when he hears that 2 people came to Jesus while he was in surgery. My husband is blown away.

God is faithful and God is good and He wants all people to know and receive His life giving gift of salvation.


Burkulater said...

praise God. isn't it amazing when you can see Him working through the faithfulness of others?!

Hope said...

That is AMAZING! Praise the Lord!

Thelma said...

God is good and the guy came to church yesterday...