Thursday, October 23, 2008

What you never knew before parenthood

You never knew that you'd fall so deeply in love. You never knew you'd celebrate, discuss and think about poop so much. First when you bring your new baby home, you talk about how frequent, the consistency, whether it is something to worry about or not. When they are potty training, you celebrate every poop in the potty with great fanfare, stickers and candy. You never knew that you would enjoy sticky lipped kisses or paint filled creations that are heavy and damp when you hang them up. You never knew that "wuv you mommy" could make you melt. You never knew sleep deprivation that lasted weeks on end but that you willingly put up with as you walked your colicky baby in the wee hours of the morning. You never knew fear so incredibly horrid when your child was deathly ill. You never knew you could pray sincerly over a child's "sick bear" because he or she asked you too. You never saw the world the same before you had children. Being a parent, makes you a better person because you learn to live life with your eyes open and full of joy.