Thursday, February 7, 2008

Literature Week at school

The last week of February my son's school is having literature week. Each day they have a different activity or theme. Monday is Cat in the Hat Day, so I have to come up with a cat in the hat, hat for him, bow tie etc. Tuesday will be Dress up as your favorite character. Now I know there is no way I can do Larry the Cucumber or Bob the Tomato so I am going to do Thing 1, unless of course my dh can help me transform Christopher into a Veggie Talke character. I can do Thing 1 pretty easily and maybe my sister could do my niece as Thing 2 even though they are in different classes. Wednesday they dress up for Spring pictures, Thursday is Wear Silly Socks days for Fox in Socks and Friday they wear lots of pockets with "wockets" in their pockets which are stuffed animals. So, now I have to come up with all this stuff. I do not want him to miss out, but stuff adds up. I think most of it I can do on a shoestring budget, hence the Thing 1 costume. I think I can do it for less than 20$. Silly socks, maybe I can get a pair of his daddy's socks and attach silly things are draw silly things on them. The biggest thing for us will be Cat in the Hat day. He is supposed to dress like cat in the hat. I need to come up with a hat, a bowtie and I guess a black outfit(jogging suit?).

The good thing is they are collecting gently used stuffed animals and books or new ones to give away. All our kids books are WELL used but I had a BUNCH of stuffed animals in a plastic bin in storage the kids never look at our use. WAHOO, I geat to give them to someone who can use them. I filled a huge bag full, came out to 60! WOW, and they still have all their favorites, well loved and a couple of new ones they got for Christmas.

I still hope I can come up with an easy story book character that would involve stuff we have at home. I can't do prince charming cause he doesnt have tightgs and a tunic.....although the superman cape he as would have sufficed for the cape Prince Charming wears. If I had blue tight fitting pajamas I could do superman. I will figure this out, but in the mean time any ideas would be appreciated. Keep in mind I have NO sewing machine and can't sew well by hand.


Mommy Reg said...

Sounds like a fun week. I hope you can pull it off. Good luck making the costumes for everything.

Thelma said...

thanks......I think we will do thing 1 and I am going to take Hannah with me that day to see the parade of characters and dress her as Thing 2....LOL. I thing we will go check the children's consignment shop and see if they have what I need. I told dh my plans and that this was the least expensive. My son wants to be John the Baptist......LOL.....but I don't know how to make camel hair looking clothing.......LOL. or the long beard......LOL.