Monday, February 4, 2008

The Eye of the Hurricane

The day he went in for the follow up...struggling to breathe but trying to be brave
You can see it in his eyes I think....and his color is so off here
Telling me he loves me....
Sleeping at the hospital
His favorite visitors

Looking Better
oh and my dates are off on my camera I have the time set wrong or something we went home on the 3rd.....LOL not the second.....LOL

That must have been what we were experincing when Christopher rallied a bit the other day. Because, the storm really hit later. I did not like his color or his cough before we went to his follow up appointment and he just wasn't as better as I would have liked after so much antiobiotics, steroids and treatments. He was slowly slipping in a downward spiral and I thought maybe I was imagining it and worrying to worry. But Mommy Instinct is a gift from God! I took him to his follow up appointment on Thursday, his color was greyish and his breathing was horrid. The doctor listened to him and stated I don't know if you are going home tonight. He gave him a treatment in the office and measured his oxygen level. It was 90-91. He sent us straight to the ER. I had taken some pictures of him that day and thought "OMG.......he looks like a SICK SICK kid"........but really didnt examine the pictures that closely. The doctor said the only way I am not calling the ambulance is if you go there NOW. So off we went and he called ahead. We get there at 5 pm and I check him. I tell them the dr called ahead and we are expected by one of the pediatric drs. The do a quick check of his vitals and at that moment his oxygen levels were higher than at the dr office......cold air sometimes does that with asthma , boosts it for a bit. He listened to him and said "he isn't wheezing".........and sent us to wait...we were triaged and his oxygen level was 90 - 92. They sen tus to wait.........4 HOURS later....we get an er bed, granted they were SWAMPED. They put him on the monitors he oxygen level was 89. then an er dr (a lady) came in and said I hear some wheezing and lots of rattling but I think he is TOO TIGHT to wheeze (remember the two male medical professionals saying he wasn't wheezing). I said he is not a wheezer but a cougher which I told the others as well. To top if off Christopher, now you all know Christopher, was NOT TALKING! Or SOCIALZING at ALL! He was NOT smiling or happy or chipper! So she orderd a treatment BANG......wheezing like an old car trying to start! They left him on the neb for 2 hours and then had to leave him on oxygen because he could not maintain a good level without it. ON oxygen he was dipping to 90 and 89......not good. cause if he had not been on oxygen it would have been lower! The alarms on the monitor ding at 93........he kept setting off the the way.....I hate that sound and it still is ringing in my head. cause he was setting the dinger off most of the weekend. we did not get a real room until noon on Friday and he still needed oxygen support....too make a long story short he was finally able to come off supplemental oxygen saturday mornign with occasional dips. AT one point on Thursday night they discussed puttin him in the intensive care unit and starting conitinous nebs......this is where prayer comes in BECAUSE people were praying it did NOT get as bad as it could have been. He has been a very sick little boy. I was sitting by his bedside at one point scrolling through my pictures and I noticed that in one his lips were tinged slightly blue............something I had not noticed in natural light but because of the flash on the camera you can tell. Anyway........he is on the mend.......finally for real this time. He is NOT well. He still has some recovery to do. They think he started off with regular pnuemonia which kicked off his asthma which went on into viral pnuemonia...(least that is what the intern said on Sunday morning) he has a whole bunch of stuff going on. His lungs still sound icky but they are better........and he LOOKS better in his to get him to gain some weight.........he is very frail looking and very very thin. So that is the scoop......sorry so long. But Praise God my little boy is home and not in intensive care and I think the worst is over..........God is faithful..........I am so thankful for my son. He is really, really really crabby thanks to the oral steroids....but I would rather have a crabby boy than have to worry about where his next breath is coming from! Sometimes it is darkest just before dawn and waiting is the hardest on the brink of a miracle. The Eye of the hurricane is sometimes where we get comfy and settle in, but even then we should be praying. It isn't time to let down our guard. And fear is greatest in those darkest hours before dawn when you wonder which way your child's life will go. Those hours seem like days. I have much to be thankful for, but my faith has been tested a lot this week. Christopher is okay and I praise God for that and I anxiously await the day God heals him completely.


Mommy Reg said...

Your poor little guy. I really pray he is really doing a lot better now.
Blessings to your family.

Thelma said...

thanks he is doing better......he still has some recovery to do.......the dr said the cough and all will be with him a while.....but he is more himself than he has been in 2 weeks. God is so good.

twinklemom said...

I will be praying for him...poor little guy!