Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thelma A to Z

  • A = Addicted to coffee.
  • B= Baby minder, 4 days per week
  • C= Card carrying mom of two teenagers, well there isn't really a card but there should be.
  • D = Determined to lose some weight. I have 20 plus pounds to go before my goal is met.
  • E = Endless chores must be done tomorrow because I am behind on everything.
  • F = Favorite girl to my sweet husband
  • H = Hopeful, always hopeful.
  • I = Interested in finding a way to really become a published author one day.
  • J = Jesus loving girl, forever and always.
  • K = Keeper of my children's secrets.
  • L = Love my husband to infinity and beyond.
  • M = Mama is my favorite name, job, calling and passion.
  • N = Nobody messes with my babies.
  • O = Over sensitive at times.
  • P = Possibly procrastinate way too much. 
  • Q = Quiet times in the morning are necessary to get my day started.
  • R = Really crazy and silly sometimes.
  • S = Sometimes walker must walk more.
  • T = Totally want another small dog.
  • U = Undeniably Southern to the bone.
  • V = Very pleasing short and plump.
  • W = Waiting on the answers to some important prayers.
  • X = Xcited about watching my kids' dreams unfold the next few years.
  • Y = Young at heart
  • Z = Zealous about my God, my husband, and my children. 


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed your list, just as I am enjoying my coffee ;) I also need to lose weight. I gained almost all mine back.

Thelma Strobl said...

thanks girl.