Thursday, February 2, 2017

Teens and Tweens ...a cookie doesn't solve it.

As I watch my children marching down the path of life, one a Tween and two now Teens...I see that the path is so different than when I was their age. The things they face in an uncertain world during these uncertain times are astounding.  I watch my Tween deal with the "mean girls" who seem to thing exclusion of the sweetest child in the universe is cool. I struggle with knowing how to help her deal. I pray I give advice and I keep my door open for talks. My Teen girl has handled some bullying this year like a superhero. She utterly amazes me.  My son is all teen angst one moment and silly boy the next. I guess, when they were toddlers, I thought it was so hard, but is hard in such a different way. As toddlers and young children, most things could be fixed with kisses, a cuddle, and cookie.  Now, it's so not that simple. Boo boos of the heart are not as easily fixed as a scraped knee.

I have good kids. They are compassionate, kind and well behaved. They respect authority and the rights of others. That being said, they are normal kids. But as they travel this road of life...I find it harder in how to guide them. I pray for wisdom. I pray for patience. I pray that I can always be open for them to tell me anything. I pray Lord, help me be the kind of mother you called me to be.


Jennifer said...

Yes, the teens and tweens are very, very different. Often times just know how much or how little to help was/is very consuming. Keeping a toddler safe is far easier in many ways as well. I can lock a door or a cabinet. But, their precious hearts are out there because we can't just put a lock on it. The good thing is you have given your children very good tools for life. Faith, family, and love.